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Magnat - Crypto Game Public Experiment

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About Magnat

What It Is

A brief description of the idea

Magnat isn't just another blockchain project. It's an open attempt to build the severe business in crypto games niche.

During this experiment, we'll post all financial, marketing, development and other data to show the internal kitchen of the project.

As a result, we'll see how many time, money, working hours and other resources it will take to make a successful crypto project. Or, in the other case, what exact steps you should follow to fail in this area.

Both variants are excellent: we'll get instructions on how to do or how it's wrong to do something desirable.

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What the plan is

Experiment Roadmap

We'll win or fail unto September 30, 2019.


Launch experiment

Start the blog on Facebook, publish all financial, marketing and development info in it.


Beta version

Launch a beta version of the product on the Ethereum test nets unto May 31, 2019.


Main launch

Launch a production Magnat version on the main Ethereum network unto June 30, 2019.


Reach milestones

Go step by step to reach all scheduled milestones unto Sept 30, 2019.

What the milestones are

The Milestones

They're pretty aggressive, but whom it stops?

1000 DAU

All DAU values should be achieved within five days in a row.


Most popular crypto games have 1-2K DAU today, we know.


But most popular mobile games have more than 100M DAU...

Sept 30, 2019

On this day we'll summarize the results of the experiment.